Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let's Decorate! New Year

It's time to talk about decorating!
Are you the host this 31st?? What can we do with a red and green full house?? 
In my case, to start decorating, I think about the colors I want, and thinking that if u use red or green it will look like a 24th, the point is clear: DO NOT USE RED OR GREEN. Instead, I'd get gold! Yes, gold is a xmas color too, but it's a new year color too!
So open your draws and pull any gold thing you have!!
We need gold stuff for the centre of the action, I mean: living room and kitchen!
For your coach:

#1 tip: do not use it as a pillow... imagine your face when you wake up.

Candles always!! Love these, and silver is a good option too!
Remember the decorated pumpkins for Halloween?? You can use them today!

So many options!!!

And what about kitchen?? I'm sure u have some gold stuff!

If you don't, remember: details are everything! Look the idea I have looked up!

And, of course, you can baker!

Everything's about what u want!
And, as details are everything, what about a little gift for every guest?



  1. Que bonito todo, me encanta la decoración de estas fechas *_*
    Me encanta el cojín de las lentejuelas jaja
    Un besito!


  2. ayer pinté mis uñas de color dorado<3 me encanta este color para las fiestas y todas las cositas doradas que pusiste en este post!!!!!!!


  3. I love Christmas decoration and these pictures are stunning ;)

    Thanks for your lovely comment!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  4. Haha love your pillow tip. Pillow face isn't good at the best of times...nobody wants ingrained imagine the impact of sequns!! Hope you have an amazing NYE!

    Laura x

  5. love it!!!

  6. maria, you are precisely right about the gold being perfect. great decorating & party ideas. i own a gold sequined purse, & shoes. hey did you still want me to help with the english? or are you over it? i stopped while you were on your vacation, because i knew you didn't have much internet access. let me know darling.

  7. Gold and silver makes any news years festive

  8. Hola pitufa, me encanta el cojin y las estrellitas!!
    Y también Vigo, le tengo mucho cariño porque trabaje mucho tiempo yendo alli y guardo buenas amistades...
    Feliz año y ojalá que se cumplan tus sueños...
    Un besiño grande linda

  9. these pics are so cute!!! and the post too!!!

    amazing blog