Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stripes VS Dots!

I decided put aside the Xmas subject (just for today) because I thought that, maybe some fo my readers could get bored of Christmas time before it comes, so let's go with a competition! Stripes VS Dots!

Emmm I can explain the picture.. I swear!!! Just a few minutes... it's because of my Xmas spirit!

Ok, now let's go with Stripes & Dots! Not, sorry, Stripes VS Dots!
Which one do U prefer??

Striped room


Dotted room
Which of these two ideas d'u prefer for any room of your home?

Let's go with clothes!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeep

                                                     Topshop                             Mango

                                                 Juicy Couture                    Alberta Ferretti

                                                   Alice+Oliva                             Zara

                                                      NOK 349                      Marc Jacobs

Juicy Couture                                Potti

                                                    Valentino                       Lipsy London

                                                 Marc Jacobs                  Juicy Couture

                                                   Dewell Studio                     Splendid

                                                Juicy Couture                        Luli and Me

Well, we could be seeing clothes and clothes and clothes, but I prefer leaving that for next posts!
Now we have seen all these pictures, what's your opinion?? Which one do you prefer???
In my case, I don't mind one or another, it depends more on every outfit you're going to wear. Maybe, dots look much more "elegant" than stripes, but not always, because for examples, most of dotted dresses are horrible!! So, I don't have a real opinion, it's a mistery.
But what I have clear, is that both together.. well, I find it hard. I mean, maybe it depends on every individual outfit, I had to see every one, but as a first opinion, I don't like it...

I also wanted to say that tomorrow, I'm going to my hometown, and, finally, gonna see my baby!!!! Oh, how lucky I feel! So, I think I will not be able to update the blog daily, I'm sorry about that. Anyway, on 11th I'll be back!!
Hope update tomorrow and say tou all of U see U soon! But just in case, have a good weekend!!



  1. yes, in your blood is the correct term. i like stripes, & dots because i'm greedy. in my dalmatian outfit, i wore them both together.

  2. Hey! Great post!
    I always prefer stripes for rooms and for clothes! I love it!
    Have a nice day!

  3. hi beautiful! a lot of tnks for ur comment! (: u have a nice blog!! u do u want to follow each other? i follow u right now! (:

    xx from Málaga!! ^^

  4. I like both, but I think I prefer dots!


  5. gracias por el comentario! he estado viendo tu blog, me gusta..! es diferente. si quieres nos seguimos! espero noticias tuyas. follow!


  6. Do I have to choose! Oh no!

  7. dot room is sweet, but it is right: " most of dotted dresses are horrible!!" oh, yes!

    take care ;)

  8. I love spots and stripes! I probably wear stripes more though