Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

Santa Claus was green until Coca Cola arrived and...
he became so addicted to the drink that he decided change his outfit: green no more, now he wants red & white!
On Xmas time, I think it's necessary talking about Coke: first of all, because, obviously, it's THE GREAT INVENTION, and also because I really really love it. The truth is that, before, I used to drink Coke all the day, instead water. From I live alone, I just drink water, and must confess that I feel healthier.
The point is the image we have (or they want give us) about Coca Cola: happiness

Truth? I don't think that my happiness depends on Coca Cola, in fact I think all that is in your mind! So, if you believe, it will become true!
What about Coca cola spots?? Here u have on of my favs EVER
"There are reasons to believe in a better world"

But there are more spots that I have always on my mind!

(Both next are in Spanish, it's sad if you don't know spanish, because they're so good!!)

The first, says that it's a real story, and that de oldest man and the youngest baby meet for this spot. He talks to her that he doesn't regret, that he loves living so many years, to have known all he knows, he's proud of his family, friends, there are sad things, but he prefers thinking about he happiest, etc:

Second one is about a mother who can't get a job because they always say her that "they need references". Her son goes to that man and says that references, talking about her mother, so cute!! After that, the mand says that he wants give the job to the mother, & the sons says: and what about u, have u references??

Maybe happiness of Coca Cola is just a dream but... everything in life is about BELIEVE.



  1. there's something vintage and cute about CocaCola that i just love.. can't help it! but you are right, my happiness does not depend on this drink at all! I studied communications and my professors always said: "There are two advertising monsters: Burger King and.. CocaCola! they really know how to do publicity and create an imaginary/convincing story to make you spend money on them.. oh well!

    nice article!

  2. I find it pure madness that Coca Cola is what made Santa green! There is something lovely about it in those glass bottles though. I loved the polar bear white cans this Christmas even though they got rid of them because people confused them with Diet Coke cans :(

    Laura x

  3. Who doesn't like Coca Cola? :) Aside from McDonald's, it's one of the most recognized brands in the world!

  4. are you trying to make me cry dear maria? very uplifting darling.