Monday, December 12, 2011

XMAS time: Secret Santa!!

Who's your Santa this year??
KIDS! Santa is alwats Santa, the same every year!
And please, do not doubt, never do it! Cause in that case, Santa will never come back, and that's the sadest on Xmas!

Obviously, I'm not talking about Santa, I'm just talking about a game, aka Secret Pal, in Spain, we say "El amigo invisible", and on Xmas time, Secret Santa is a tradition!
For all of U who doesn't know it (it would be strange), here you have the recipe!


- People who loves each other,
- Lots of love


Write the names of the people who's going to participate in different papers, with the same size.

Put the papers into a hat, a cup, a box or whatever you have to draw the receptors!

Every person grabs a paper, and in that paper, you can see who's the person you have tu give your gift!

This is a very cute and funny game, and a very good idea for some families who, maybe, are not in their best economic situation (as mine, for example).
One of the best things of this game, is that the most important is not what you give, is how many time you were thinking about it, and how many time you were creating it, because a gift on Secret Santa should not be buyed, something handmade is much better, and the person who receives gonna loves it much more!

So, what d'u can give on Secret Santa? Man, that's exactly what U have to think about!! That's what game's about! 
How to start? Think about that person: what's the most he or she loves, if it's a kid, Sponge Bob or Dora The Explorer (that's what 90% of kids I know would answer)

One of the ideas, is to buy a pretty box and fill it with little things you think that person loves; snacks, a ball of his/her favorite team, fun socks, etc.

Another idea, and this one is my fav, is doing cross stitch! Of course, it depends the person you have to give a gift, especially women use to love it, it looks pretty good, decorates any room, and, if U decide this option, you are an expert on Secret Santa: you choose something which that person loves, and you're creating it!! What else?
I'd like showing you the picture I'm doing cross stitch for my first time!:

I know what you're thinking about me: if it's her first time on cross stitch, why does she choose a so big and difficult picture??
The answer is: Because I like challenges. I'm sure if it was much easier, I will never finish it!

All U need to start is:

The picture you want to do, cross stitch threads

& fabric to make cross stitch!

Very easy: the picture is divided in squares, every squaer in the picture is a square in the fabric (four points) You just have to make a cross on the fabric for each square on the drawing.

This is how mine goes:

It's the witch's face. Not bad at all right?
And this is a gift for... MYSELF! hahaha



  1. i remember secret santa in my 6th grade class. then friends in high school, & at work. it can be very fun. i don't have the patience for cross stitch. yours look very good. :) i like that you're making a present for YOU!

  2. thanks for showing us this tradition!!

    acá hacemos algo muy similar, pero se llama "El Amigo Secreto"! es el mismo proceso,pero con el juego tiene otro nombre :)

    lo estamos haciendo en el trabajo y es tan divertido... ahora mismo estoy pensando en qué broma hacer a mi "amigo secreto" jajaja