Friday, December 2, 2011

Road Trip Time!

And finally, today is the day!!!
I'm going to my hometown in a couple of hours! I'll be there in 12 hours from now, more or less (I know what you are thinking right now: where the hell d'u go?? Well, this is how it works... we stop in so many towns that it looks like the trip never ends!!)
Right now, my room looks something like this one:

And, with clock on hand, I had to choose between: put everything in order, or update my blog (obviously, u know what I've chosen, right?)

Well, and  as I don't want to look this way when I arrive home:

yesterday was a very hard day in my life, 'cause I decided to put into practice the next theory: carry only the essentials.
Emm... well, it sounds good, the question is, what d'u call essentials?? Because that's so subjective... I mean, for a person, the essentials can be underwear, toothbrush, jeans, top, laptop and cell phone. And if you think that more than a half of this list, you take them with you, you don't need a suitcase. The problem is when you look around your room and think: everything is essential!! If it were not, I'd not have it!!
So, I was seated minutes, half hours, hours... and finally, got a conclusion: I'll be there just 10 days, and thinking that I'm so lucky to share size and "style" with my sister, I'll use her closet!! In that moment I felt so smart!! And decided to  put the next list in my suitcase:

Well, the truth is that I have more things in the suitcase right now, let's say this is the "essential version" of the essential! hahaha

Ok, and in a so long trip, you also need some food, here you have the list that  what I've decided to take away with me:

- A turkey Sandwich
A pork sausage Sandwich (this one because Maria's mother insisted! hahaha)
- 2 mandarins
- 2 cereal bars
- 2 Mini muffins

What d'u think about my menu today on the road?? Variety variety variety!! That's the secret!! So many hours of boredom in my view and in my head, let's make my stomach happy at least!

And, as I said yesterday, these days I'm not going to update so frequently, first of all, because I decided to leave my laptop here, so I just will be on the internet when I go to my grandparents home (which is every day! hahaha) and after that, because I'm not going to have so much time. Anyway, I'll try to do it as much as I can. I could leave posts all ready for every day, and just click "publish", but I prefer writing about what Inspires me that day, that's more me. And, on the other hand, I don't like to update without answering all your lovely comments!
Thanks for all of you that already did!, I'll be back veeery soon!!


ps: anyway, if you miss me sooo much, and wanna know about what I'm doing! remember I'm on twitter!! @marianovox
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  1. Hahaha you're right, everything is essential!!!! Lucky you have clothing options in your hometown... ANyway, doesn't it happen to you sometimes you close your luggage and you find some ESSENTIAL thing you must carry?

  2. hahahaha of course!!! I always forget something!!!! hahaha

    thanks for commenting Puchi!


  3. Te vas a Vigo en coche? ¡Qué loca! Pero bueno, siempre he querido hacer un viaje en coche, así que seguro que te lo pasas genial!

    Besitos Maria!

  4. jajaj que tengas un buen viaje! yo también le mango la ropa a mi hermana (el año pasado estuve de erasmus y me dedicaba a vestirme con su armario) sí, soy de santiago, tú de vigo? al final nos vamos a conocer..ajaj

  5. Bueno esntonces a disfrutar!!!...que chevre, me imagino que vaz a tomer un monton de fotos y a contarnos un monton de historias al regreso...considero que 10 dias es una cantidad de material blogero..jijiji...Que gusto disfrutalo un monton yyy bueno por la dita ...jaja el turkey sandwich estupendo...Un beso

  6. Muchísimas gracias por tu comentario :)

    Un besito.

  7. Wonderful look!!! I love trip!!!
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you !!!

    Fashion Crazy Ball and My Facebook Page

  8. hi beautiful! tnks for the follow back! (:

    xx !

  9. what about the music? i hope you planned to bring or play that!!!! yes essential is a cloudy, & confusing, how do you narrow it down kinda thing. have a delightful time! kisses & hugs for your nephew.

  10. that must be amazing!
    Dont forget to join my international giveaway where the price is a bag full of gifts!Here:

  11. Have a great trip! :) I'm terrible at packing light, I always seem to take way more than I need, I can never decide in advance what to wear when! x

  12. me encanta tu blog, muy bohemio aunque porfa...podrias hacer la letra mas grande?? jaja

    un besito

  13. I love the last photo! <3 Facebook Twitter

  14. Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    Nice blog;)

    xx Laura

  15. Have fun on your trip...and I know what you mean about the essentials. They are ALL essential! :P

  16. Well, I hope you have a fabulous time!!! XOX

  17. Sounds like lots of fun! ♥

    Xo, Imke