Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Looking for Xmas decorating??

Well, maybe when it's just about a week to the Xmas dinner, the best is: your home is ok. But if u still want to put that Xmas spirit on your home, What about a walk on Plaza Mayor (Madrid)??
It0s the most famous square here in Spain to buy the best xmas decorating, you can find anything u want!! Here a few pictures, I'm sure if u see them, inmediately you'll buy your tickets to come to Madrid, trust on me!

On this square, decorating stuff is in different "houses".
As you can see, you'll find anything you're looking for!
You have the best decorating for your tree or home!

Or four your Christmas crib!
Don't coubt, if you are in Madrid on Xmas time, visit Plaza Mayor!


ps: Forgive for all this time with not posting. I'm having problems with my Internet connection ¬¬


  1. Guauu...whta a great market!!! definitely all you need...Have a great week...iela

  2. Such beautiful pictures. Must visit someday:) My sis had been there and she loved it.

  3. merry christmas dear maria! :)