Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Choose one... if you can!: New Year's Eve Outfit!

Xmas is coming, and what's also coming is the New Year's Eve!!
The tradition in Spains, says: dinner with family + 12 grapes (on the last 12 seconds for the new year, you eat one grape every second) + go party with friends.
The last thing, I've never did it, the reason is because you spend lots of money on tickets for discos, outfit, hair, etc, and, after all, it's not much more funny than a normal night, so I prefer going party any other day.
Anyway, truth is that I love every New Year's Eve outfit, and, as I think that most of you (maybe all of u) are going party that night, today I bring U very different outfits for that night!
Choose one.. if you can!

Shoes: YSL
Bracelet: Tasha

Dress: Marchesa
Sandals: Gucci
Bracelet: Bottega Veneta

Blouse: D&G
Skirt: Gucci
Clutch: Forzieri

Choose an outfit and.. party starts!! More posts about New Year's Eve?? Mmmm, I don't know, what d'u think?? Wanna see more?



  1. Yo me quedo con el primero y el tercero...simple y clasicos...iela

  2. The first one! Red heels and glittery bangles, yes please ;)

    I have a giveaway this week, hope you will join in on the fun!

  3. That first outfit is by far my favourite. I'm a bit like you though, not a massive fan of spending lots of money for just another night out essentially. I think it's the pressure of having to have the best time that stresses me out on NYE and I consequently can't relax enough to have a good time. Still, this year maybe I should give that another go :p

    Laura x

  4. I love posts about the party season! Outfit 1 would be my choice, love the D&G dress with the gorgeous red heels and glitzy accessories! :) x

  5. wow, love them, but I would choose #1 or #4, loved the black with red touch!!!

  6. i would probably wear dress #1. all outfits are party worthy. there is NO WAY i could dance the night away in ANY of those heels. my poor feet would kill me.

  7. wow i like the Bracelet

  8. mi conjunto favorito es el primero! me encantan los colores neutrales y el "pop of color" de los zapatos rojos<3

    ps. nos comemos las uvas también!!! :)


  9. I can't choose!want all theme!!
    I checked your blog and I like it!
    Visit my blog and if it like you became my new follower! (I follow back!)
    have a great day!

  10. Even though I don' really party New Year's Eve, I really like that second set with the blue Marchesa dress:)

  11. I really like the blue dress x