Sunday, January 20, 2013

What´s new on... my TV??

Let´s go with series!!!
Not new series, but new series in my life! 
Actually, I just wanted to recommend you some series, and tell u how's my life going with my ned addictions! {healthy addictions}

American Horror Story Second Season: Asylum
I've talked to you before about this second season of the serie, even better than the first one! 
This Wednesday, we can see the last episode, and I can't wait!! I don't know if there's any other AHS lover, but if does, please let me know!!

The Wlking Dead is in its third season, but it stopped because of Xmas and stuff, BUT, it´s back on February 10!! And I can't wait!! So I don't know what are you waiting for if you haven't started to see it!

So, it's 2.48am literally, and I´ve just seen the last episode of the 4th season of Dexter, and I just can say WHAT THE FUCK!!!! omg, the problem with this serie is that, when you see one episode, you want to see the next one, then the next, and so on, and thats a fucking problem man!!
Anyways, I know they're going to start wit the 8th season, so PLEASE, I don't want spoilers!! I'm sure I will be ready for them in a week, so then, we can talk!

And of course, if you haven't seen this serie before, DO IT. I know it looks like the typical serie about police, but believe me, it's everything except typical!!!

Have a nice week, and I promise that tomorrow I will comment you all back!!



  1. Have never seen any of the above shows, but my husband likes AHS!

  2. Dexter is my absolute favorite serie, I just loooove it! My boyfriend is watching The Walking Dead, but it isn't anything for me, but maybe I'll take a look at American Horror Stories :D