Monday, February 11, 2013

What to wear for... Valentine's Day?

I'm not a huge lover of this day, I mean, you should show your love every day. But at the same time, I think love deserves a day to celebrate it, as your birthday or Xmas!
So let's go with this!!!
Last year, I made some special posts for Valentine's Day, and this year I wanted to do a what to wear, or what I would wear.
I bring two options: first one, is a no-official date: you are with a boy, but this boy and you are not a couple {officially} you know, your friends: your boyf is... and you: oooh, he´s not my boyfriend! emmm whatever!
As you ARE NOT a couple, but you are together, you decide to go for a walk this day, or to the theater, NOT BECAUSE IT'S VALENTINE'S, it´s just like any other day,,, right?
Ok, so I always say that leopard print is always the best option, and it is also for spend a day with your bo... sorry! your... special friend?

And the second option, is for a formal date, for the most typical calentine's date: a romantic dinner!
I have for everybody girls!!!
I have for the classic girls:

{the little black dress is always a good option, and of course, ALWAYS wear red, because you are in love!}

and for the less classic girls:

{again, red HAS TO BE.}

Hope you find your own inspiration for this 14th!


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  1. i agree that you should express your love everyday. the color black nearly always wins with me.