Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's never too late! Happy Halloween!!!

I have various reasons to the title of this entry: first of all, it's never too late to be back, so I am back!! After months without taking care of the blog, here I am again!!
It's never too late to be back in the places that you love, and this is why I am in Santa Fe again. The place that I love with people that I love.
And also, it is never too late to celebrate Halloween!! Here you have y two costumes for this year:

I was Amy Winehouse in the first Halloween party.

{here I am with Johnny Bavo}

And I came from the Amazonas for the second party!!
As you can see, every costume was amazing, I have really creative friends!!
My life has changed a lot lately, there has been a lot of new things, new amazing friends, people who are not anymore... so I can say, kind of, that I am a "refreshed person" {never a new one!!}
So thank you all for reading me!! I'll be back soon!!


  1. Hello from Spain, effectively, it's never too late. Happy Halloween.

  2. maria, both of your costumes turned out great! glad you're back in the santa fe a place you love. :)