Saturday, March 24, 2012

Come on birds, Spring is here!!

The first day of the Spring was a surprise {at least here in Madrid}, cause you imagina sun, flowers, birds... and the first thing I saw that day was SNOW. For the first time this year, I saw snow, not in winter, not, the first day of Spring. A little crazy, I know.
But our spring spirit is the same, so today, let's see some birds for clothes, for home & for life!


ps: I'm watching "Inception", so as fast as it ends, I will comment you back. For the momento I don't understand ANYTHING.
pps: idea for a tattoo - three little birds


  1. maria, i adore bird things! great song too. :) my husband watched inception, & i'm pretty sure he didn't understand it either.

  2. Ooooo...I love that movie:) And isn't that crazy you guys had snow???

  3. jajaja inception es tan complicada...

    en cuanto a "spaghetti squash", no lo había escuchado! me enteré gracias a ti y ahora quiero probarlo.. voy a ver donde lo puedo conseguir y te dejo saber ;)

    siempre me han gustado los pajaritos, lindo post!