Monday, March 5, 2012

A trip in pictures: Carnival

Why are all these amazing toys abandoned???
I'm sure you're wondering exactly that!

Ok, they're not abandoned. 
I don't know if you remember that pinky promise I made you some days ago, but I always keep my promises, and even more if they're pinky one!
The picture is, because, FINALLY!!! I have the Carnival pictures!! Better late than never.
Truth is that, this post, is about my friend & her family's costumes. I can do a post about Carnival, with pictures of different people if you want it, but I think they deserve a post just for them, really.

#1 Everything you're going to see is real
#2 Everything you're going to see was handmade by them (toys, clothes, etc)
#3 They told me that this is the year they spent less time working on their costumes (I'm sorry, I don't believe them)

First of all, a little explanation about their costumes: they're children of an English boarding school. Every one of them carries a toy.

{this is the teacher. We could call her "Mrs Rottenmeier"}

{this is the baby one}

{the rest of the kids}

{a close up of one of them}

{a close up of one of my fav toys: the stroller ❤}

{love the bike too!}

{look at me. in the back. totally freaked out}


{the best thing is their happiness}

{getting ready!}


{last rehearsel}

{Carnival's parade}

{picture with the artist please!!! T❤}

hope you enjoy this post! I'm sure not so much as we did being there, but I hope you enjoy it anyway, and if you have any chance to visit Toledo to know their Carnival, DO IT.


ps: the Carnival's parade you see on the video, is in the little town, where there are not more than 1600 of population. But after this, we went to the big town, Toledo, to the important parade. They finished 3rd in the competition!!! But last weekend, in other town, they finished 1st!!!

{all photo credit to shut up bitches}


  1. those videos made me feel like i was there. thank you! they really put a lot of care into their costumes, & funny, cute, dance. ;)

  2. hahaha love the music in the rehearsal video! que cosa tan distinta y original.. algún día me gustaría ir a Toledo.. la próxima vez que vaya a España quiero visitar Barcelona también.. has estado allá?

    un beso,

  3. how fun! i love that things like this still go on in some towns.