Sunday, February 19, 2012

Home Sweet Home! Rearview

I'm back from a very short but undoubtedly unsurpassable weekend!
This post is not about "Carnival", I'll do a post about that in a few days {truth is that I need the pictures, and I don't have them!! So, as fast as I have them, I'll show them to you. They're A MA ZING!}
This post is a "friendship never ends: weekend" post.
The full day laughing and seeing incredible things!
& as most of u know, I'm not a huge fan of write and write, cause when I see long texts, most of the times I don't read them, the very best is seeing pictures, so here u have!
Have you ever feel like you're at home, being far away? That was me these days.

{while we were waiting for an unexpected of us, T decided assembling furnitures from Ikea under the supervision of a surprised M. They're easy to do, but between her & me, made so many mistakes...}
{road over & over again}
{partini night. T & I won!!! yeaaah we're the best!!}

{winners don't hide their face}
{view of Toledo. Finally, we knew that beautiful city!!}
{M aka "our personal pap" taking the Cathedral 4ever. It's precious!!}
{T trying to destroy Toledo. She couldn't, very short time. Give her a couple of days... Let's see what happens!}
{& food. The favorite part of C! Ok, not fool ourselves, it was the favorite of every of us, but EVERYTHING was delicious. I'm sure I bring 3 or 4 kg with me from there}
{& here you have just a preview from T & her family costumes. You're going to freak out. everything was handmade by themselves, and it's stunning}

I know you can't wait to see more pictures of Carnival, but patience. Be water, my friend!


ps: maybe in a few hours I will do a post about fashion or something like that.

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  1. Great pics:) It looked like you guys had a lot of fun! Can't wait to see the Carnival pics...

  2. maria, it looks like you had an incredible time with your friends. i'm so glad! :) yes, those pencil drawings on my blog post were mine.

  3. looks beautiful, wish I had the opportunity to visit while I was at Spain last year, buttttt so many things, so little time :(

    nice group of friends<3