Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day: It's time to eat!!

We could say that the heart is the most representative when we're talking about VDay.
Of course you have a lot of options in the supermarket to buy and feel that "love spirit" 
BUT, you have another option: create that "love spirit".
Here you have a very easy recipe {your little one can help too!!}.
It's quick, easy and delicious, the best combo for me!

What do you need?? Just two ingredients!

Pie Crust
Sugar {the best is to use confectioners' sugar, but this day I had not}


Truth is that I use to make this recipe when I make Chicken Pot Pie, and with the pie crust  that I have left, i use it to make this recipe, and so I take it all!

Sprinkle the sugar on the base you're going to prepare the recipe

Put the pie crust on the top of the sugar, then you knead it with a roller pin, so it gets the sugar.

Now bend the up end & the down end once

And bend them once more. Now, cut with a knife the dough into thin strips

It must look something like these {sweet ❤}

Heat them in the oven for 10 or 15 minutes and...

Sweet welcome home for Valentine's Day!


ps: it's also a good way to start the VDay, a good breakfast!! {but not the wine.. hahaha}
pps: in Spain, we call this recipe "palmeritas", I don't know how you would say in English.


  1. Ooooo...that looks simple but yummy. My kind of recipe:)

  2. if we have a name for that in english, i don't know what it is, but my mom used to make something similar whenever she had leftover pie crust. except she didn't make them in the shape of hearts, & she sprinkled them with cinnamon too. the only thing i know about santa fe, new mexico is nada. i've heard it's arty there. i've only been to albuquerque, new mexico, & that was driving through & staying at a hotel.

  3. Love the way it looks! Just what we need for Saint Valentain's Day :)

  4. no puedo seguir viendo pastelillitos ni chocolates!!! ayer comí demasiado jajajaja