Tuesday, February 28, 2012


When bad things & good things happen, a gray day comes.

Anyway, gray is one of my fav colors to wear: very elegant, you can use it with whatever, and it's the best for formal & casual outfits.

80% of the population of my closet is gray.

Hope this was a good day, but 2morrow, better!


ps: to add some color, green to be exact.I started that "glowing green smoothie" experiment today!

I know this smoothie thanks to wildheartwhispers, blog that I really love. 
This smoothie os good for your hair, skin and your waist, over all. Let's see if this works, I'll tell u!!
For more information about the Glowing Green Smothie, click here.
I hope this works, it would be a miracle, because, honestly, it's delicious!!!!

 {images via link with ❤,  tumblr & polyvore}


  1. GIrl, thanks for posting about the smoothie. I'm such a sucker for drinks like this:) And I like gray too...goes with everything!

  2. Smoothie looks good for St. Patricks day

  3. maria, i love you! i've been trying to add more grey into my wardrobe.

  4. What an adorable skirt. I like grey with soft blue and purple. : )

  5. i too am a huge fan of gray. and you'll have to let us know your thought on the smoothie. i've been wanting to try something like that.