Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guess who... am I?

Hey guys!!
Carnival is coming. It's a celebration where you get your own costum and go out to celebrate it. Something like Halloween, but much more celebrated here in Spain.
I'm not going to talk to you about costumes, instead that, let's talk about MAKE UP!
Sometimes, on make up is where we have the best key for a perfect costume. If your make up is perfect, the most of the times it doesn't matter what you are wearing!
And for that, wanna show you some tutorials that a good friend of mine {A} shown me.
I've talked to you before about this girl: I think she's the best make up artist EVER!
Look at how she becomes in every person you can imagine!
And, of course, let's start with... ANGELINA JOLIE!



Adriana Lima:

or Johnny Depp:

This last one is just a teaser, but I'm a huge fan of the work of this girl!! There are a lot of videos by her on youtube, so if you're interested in any character, look for it, you will probably find it!! 
Hope you enjoy trying to copy her!!


ps: I tried (guess who I tried.. hahahahah) and the result was not good, it's all about talent!


  1. maria, i'm soooooo jealous that you get to experience carnival! i've only ever heard about it through friends. will you please oh please take lots of photos to share with us? that make-up artist video girl is a wonder. :)

  2. wow, talk about talent! and carnival is definitely on my things to do list. some day!

  3. omg!!! me encanta su canal en youtube! gracias por compartirlo, qué talentosa es!!!

    sigo a varias maquillistas en youtube para agarrar tips ;)

    que disfrutes del canaval bella :)

    un besito,

  4. Ooooo...that's gonna be so much fun! Can't wait to see what you wear:)