Friday, February 3, 2012

Wishlist #1: Find a cure for cancer.

Today is the World Cancer Day.
Luckly, I can say that no one in my family is affected by this horrible sick, actually just one member was affected once but everything is ok, thank god!
Anyway, I think this is the worst illness, because it comes, and there's not an aparent reason. That's why for me, all the afected people by cancer, have just a name: heroes. No doubt. 
And this post is especially for the women who fight against this illness some time before, and they can say right now: I'm healthy, or they are fighting, or they couldn't, but made everything they could. Thanks, your a heroine!
& you, yes U! You're a hero, but u always were. no new. ❤u
And talking about wonderwoman, d'u know that line of products that MAC launched some months ago??

They're very original!!
#1: Find a cure for cancer.



  1. well cancer likes to take my friends & family, & i want to kick it in the ... where is wonder woman when we need her?

  2. My father died of cancer when I was 7. It was lung cancer, and by the time he found out about it, the disease already spread to the rest of his body

  3. Cancer is one of the worst things on this dad passed away due to it, and I've always thought that if I could have any super power, it would be great to have the power to to eliminate this!