Saturday, February 25, 2012

DIY: rings jeweler

Maybe you are a rings freak, and find yourself in a big trouble: you have so many rings that you're afraid to lose one in your collection.
You can buy a special jewelry box for rings in any cute store, or you can do it yourself!
If you follow this blog, you know that my BFF {E} came to visit me last January, and in that month, she turned older. I wanted to give her something special, handmade, by myself, and this was my idea. 
It's very easy, you just need to be patient, and you  will be able to create a home, sweet home for your rings!

What d'u need:
{a wooden box}

The rest is anything you want to decorate it. In my case:

{a scarf for outside & a mirror for inside}

{lots and lots of cute things}

And now, you just have to free your imagination!
For the rings, I found that an egg carton was a good idea to keep them: they will not be missed, and it could be a very original idea. So I painted it black.

I used the scarf to cover the box. Inside, I put: the eggs basket and I glued a cute blue necklace. I never wore the blue necklace, I never knew how to wear it, until I found it was perfect for the box! On the top side, I used a black Chanel advertisement to cover, and behind it, I put the mirror. I also put some letters & a ❤.
On the outside of the box, I was gluing cute things I found at home: accessories for the hair, buttons, flowers etc.
And here you have the result!

The box inside:

& the box outside:

Hope you like it!!! And hope to see on your very own jewelry boxes on your blogs, it's a good gift for anyone!


{images via: tumblr & link with ❤ (myself)}


  1. Brilliant DIY, my dear:) I love the idea of using the egg creative!