Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sun is up!

Yeah, sun is coming!! It's winter right now here in Spain, but it seems Spring, or Summer ever!! 
2 days ago, more or less, sun is making our lifes happy, so why do not steal a smile from the Sun??
Love all these fun sunnies, want them all!!

All of you know I'm a totally sunglasses freak, and have a so BIG collection! I've wanted show them to you, but I never have all of them together {here I have just a few, the rest in my town!!}
The best part of the spring & summer coming it's not that "you can wear sunglasses", because I wear them even if it's raining. The best part is that EVERYBODY wears them, and I can go hunting new designs!! Awww 


ps: 2morrow I have a V.I.E. {very important exam} Hope being lucky!!

pps: about "Glowing Green Smoothie". I'm just in my second time, but it really works, I mean, it's very diuretic. Obviously, it's very early to talk about "better hair" or "better sking", but I can say how I feel: I feeeeeeeeeeeeeel good! 

{images via polyvore & tumblr}


  1. Hey, good luck on the exam, girl! I know you'll do well:) And I love sunglasses too, although I lose them all the time!

  2. primero que todo, SUERTE en tu examen!
    segundo, yo también soy adicta a las gafas y más aún viviendo en un país donde todo el año es verano, con lo cual todo el año llevo gafas! me gustan bien grandotas que me cubran toda la cara jajaja

    un besito,

    ps. esa primera foto es tan cute!

  3. those are your sunglasses? i own 2 pairs. that's it. i adore the 1st photo. you're going to do great on your exam, because you are smart. i know this. as for the black & white nails on my blog. it's just white polish, with opi black shattered over the top. see you can do that. no tutorial necessary. :)

  4. Such beautiful sunglasses! Lovely photos :)

  5. i could use a few additional pairs of sunglasses...