Sunday, February 12, 2012

Breaking rules: Black for Valentine's Day!

All of u know how much I love black to decorating. And I love to think about decorate on VDay, because here we have a good ocassion to break rules on decoration: typically, black is a sad color {not for me}, and Valentine's Day is, for tradition, a happy day, so WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO USE BLACK?? And also, because I love ANY excuse to change the decoration at home.
Well, for me is the best option!! Here I have some options I've seen surfing over the internet!!

Ook, and after all this, I would like to make a special mention for this artist, who has passed away recently:

We will always love your voice.
R.I.P. Whitney Houston.



  1. i like your black decorations. it's sad about whitney houston. here's some santa fe links

  2. i love the black for valentine's day. it's so classy.