Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine is coming!

Once upon a time... there was an angel who came once on the year to give us love to share!!
& that's how Valentine's Day was born. Truth is that this is the kind of days we should celebrate every day!!

{typical stuff for Valentine's day: red color, hearts, kisses, sweets, white or red candles, balloons, dates, romantic films, roses, etc}

My idea for this Valentine's day is try to make it over! I mean, what we see in the picture is the most normal, if any of us had to dacorate a house for valentine, we probably would use red color, hearts, candles, etc, and if we have to give a present (and don't be a liar!!), men always think about roses or chocolat.
What about make a different day? Or, at least, something original, or things that we do not see in any store.
That's my objective in all these "special valentine's day", hope to get it!
Another thing: Valentine's day is about love, and love is always about a couple?? WRONG!
Love is ANYWHERE. You feel love for your sister, you feel love for your mother, you feel love for your grandparents, you feel love for your kids, you feel love for your dog, you feel love for life or you feel love for yourself, so it's nos necessary spend Valentine's day just with your boyf!


  1. valentine's day is my birthday, so i've always had a bit of a different perspective on it. and totally agree with you!

  2. i agree that we should show our love everyday, & not just within a love romance.

  3. i love valentine's day just because of all the pinks and hearts floating around =)

  4. haha I think its a great idea to remake valentines! I think its a great holiday simply because its all about love. But I agree with you, its not just about couples!

  5. Cute post! But actually I don't like this celebration, I'm always kind of sarcastic about it..


  6. I had to work most of the holiday last year. Thankfully I have it off this year. My girlfriend sure is happy about that.

  7. muy cierto todo!!!! espero que tengas un día especial, la verdad es que no creo mucho en Valentine's Day, pero estamos absortos por la publicidad..

    un besote,