Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy bday GENIUS! ❤ U

{this is the song I listen on these like today, when I feel worry, dissapointed or anything like that...}

Today is Bob Marley's bday. Truth is that he's still alive, that's why I always talk about him in present.
I was thinking about continue posting as normal, and start with the St Valentin special, but I think today is a very special day. In days like today, when everything looks ugly around us: people kill each other, people betray each other, people hurt each other... I think the best we can do is try to absorb some of the wisdom of this great genius:


& remember, always: every little thing's gonna be all right.
Genius, u don't how much i'd need u today.



  1. it's a good song. you're not the only person, who i've heard, plays it to feel better. sometimes life isn't all sunshine & rainbows.

  2. I loove Bob Marley! It's great to see that someone else does too :)

  3. Qué bonita y emotiva entrada guapa!
    Besos grandes!

  4. Such great quotes from a great man! He was a brilliant musician:)
    And I love commenting so no probs! I just hope people don't get tired of reading them:P

  5. era increíble.. tremenda musa! este finde que pasó fui a un concierto en honor a él.. estuvo genial!!!

    un beso,