Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guess who... turns older today??

exactly! So take note of my bday wishlist!

I know all of u are good friends, so you know what you must to do.


ps: since we're talking about good friends, wanna say THANK YOU to all my friends today for that incredible surprise you prepared for me today, especially Cristina {you're a champion❤}, Maria {I didn't know you were so good on lying!!❤} and Teresa {thanks for that AMAZING GIFT!!!! you're an artist!!!!❤}
Love u girls!!

pps: we were skating all the afternoon, so imagine how tired I am. Now imagine how I have my knees. I never had been so long in the floor...


  1. happy birthday beautiful, kind, fun, & fabulous joke maker maria! it has been a treasure knowing you pisces girl. :) i hope you get some of your birthday wishes.

  2. precioso el anillo de la cruz y la chaqueta roja de cuero!

  3. Happy birthday, dahling! Here's to a hundred more:)