Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day: KIDS!

We said before that Valentine's Day is the day of the love, but you don't feel love just for your couple, you feel love for so many people!!!
And one of the person on your life that makes you feel really really love, is your kid!
I've heard that when you raise your child between love, and you show them how much you love them, and teach them to show their feelings, they will grow up without complexes, expressing their feelings, they will be much more creative and, at least, they will have always good feelings, putting aside the envies, the hate and all that. I don't mean spoil them & become them in wayward children, opposite: a good education is the best show of love.
So, what best celebration that Valentine's Day to make everything about love, hearts, kisses & flowers??
Here you have some ideas to make your kid participate of this day, much more original than call a nanny and go out to dinner with daddy, right?

{surprise your kid with this special lunch, im sure you could put the food that less he/she likes, that he/she will love it!!!}

{easy artwork that will be magic for your kid}

{the best Valentine}

{the best excuse to baker!}
{easy cards & tags}
Another way to make them participate, is the closet!

So many options!!! But I think you get it!


ps: say your kid that Scooby Doo Doooooooooo ❤ you!


  1. Love all your picks! How cute are these items?!?! And I love that lunch idea:)

  2. Good ideas! If I were a child I would looove all of this :)

  3. some of this stuff is just too cute! makes me wish i was a kid again!

  4. these are darling ideas, & very sweet too. :)