Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day: outfits!

Yay, so many thing to tell you, that I don't know how to start!!
Anyway, as I don't want to bore you, today we're going to talk about Valentine's outfits!! But I'm not talking about "what to wear" on a date, because we said that these posts about Valentine's Day are going to be different, so we just want the Valentine's spirit, I mean: LOVE! The best feeling you can have ever.
But before, two things:
#1 Tell me you have seen that David Beckham's advertisement for H&M... OMG

Each tattoo of his skin is a work of art. He has the Reinassance on his skin. Totally in love. I had never put attention before but... OMG. (I'm a tattoo freak, so...)

#2 Today I made my first dirt cake! Here's the result:

have to improve.

And now, outfits!!!

{Remember: special valentine's day spirit, not "what to wear on a Valentine's Day date"}

Choose one... if you can!



  1. love the first dress!!

  2. Gosh...almost died when I saw that David Beckham ad...swoon:)
    And I love the fourth set of outfit that you did!

  3. no puedo decidirme por un sólo outfit, todos tienen algo especial que me llama la atención!!! el bolso del primer conjunto está HERMOSO!

    David is HOT!! jajaja


  4. i have no idea what the rest of this post was about because i got completely sidetracked with david beckham's body. that commercial!

  5. your valentine will be one lucky person!


  6. they were passing out mini booklets of David Beckham at my store, i thought it was so funny!

  7. cute spirit of valentine's day outfits! what's a dirt cake?