Friday, March 23, 2012

Things to do before i die...

Getting tattooed by Ami James.

I don't know if u know him, but he's an artist tattoo, and has a reality on TLC, NY Ink, and before that, he had a reality calles Miami Ink. Both are about people's stories who want to get tattooed, and tha story of that tattoo.

I find him so sexy!!!
And, as all of you know I'm a freak tattoo, I'd like getting tattoed by him, that's a dream for me!!
I have two tattos, one of them is on the header, and the other one is here. And I don't think about stop. I'll have to catch a flight to NY, just to go to Wooster Street Social Club {Ami James' one} and get a tatto by him.

Here you can see some videos that really kill me, because you can think he's a "rude boy" because of his look, but, actually, he's soooo cute!!



  1. so ami is your celebrity crush! ;)

  2. I've only seen the show one time, but he does seem really cool:) Anyone with sleeve tats like that is an A plus in my book too!

  3. My friend told me about him - his work is amazing!