Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My studded wishlist

I'm a huge fan of studded looks! It always gives to any outfit that touch of punkythat any non-punk person needs.

My wishlist today is this one:

{I always like showing you my wishlist because I have such good friends that they always send me something they see here on my blog ;) FALSE}

Studded jackets:

{love them}

And, do you know who's the real King of studded looks?? I'm sure you do it.
Mr Pierre Alexander Claudius Balmain. {R.I.P. genius} 
Well, not himself, but he always gave us to women that sexy image that I love: flared skirts with narrow waists.
What we imagine when we think about Balmain in our days is very far from that first collection, but I think, Mr Balmain, you can feel really proud about all the evolution of your brand, cause it's absolutely flawless.

Add studded clothes to your look!! I really love that punky-rocky-pretty touch you get.

{images via tumblr & style}


  1. this post exudes coolness! those shoes on your wishlist & those jackets. i drool. i don't think i own anything studded. i wonder why?

  2. Gosh...love studs too, and I totally agree with you. Balmain has perfected the look.

  3. i seems to have a thing for studs lately too. it just adds such a nice little edge. but in a classy way.

  4. oh yesss!!!! rock on! me fascina esta moda!!!