Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's time to eat!

Maybe this post sounds familiar to you.... but I think that it's always good to know delicious places!
Tommy Mel's is just like a diner from"Peggy Sue": a diner with the ambience of the 1950's. You will feel like the main character of Grease or something like that. But best of all, is not the decor {which is amazing!!} the best thing is the mennu. I think there's not a one thing that won't make you drool. REALLY.
Today, I went with a good friend of mine {T} to this diner, and it was fabulous.
{this is how it looked. So nice!!}
{that's my friend {T} it was finger licking good, so napkins, pleaseeee. My twix milkshake and my burger with chili were... well, i have no words}

And here are some pictures that I found on the internet:

If you want more information about this amazing diner, you can visit the oficial web page


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  1. I like themed restaurants like this, just because it does remind me of Grease:) And it did look like the food is good!

  2. That looks amazing. I love The Diner in London, just off Carnaby Street. It does the best milkshakes and blueberry pancakes and burgers and basically everything I could want when pining traditional American fast food. YUM! It's much darker than this and so less Grease, but worth a visit.

    Laura x