Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Aztec Inspiration: House of Harlow 1960


Today I have to do a very quick post, cause tomorrow I have a very important exam, and this afternoon I fell asleep, what means less time to study... well.. I'm short on time.
A few days ago, I did a post about aztec inspiration, and I told u that I wanted to do a post about House of Harlow 1960, cause aztec stuff reminds me a lot to this brand. And as yesterday I chose Nicole Richie as my fav on Golden Globes ceremony, I decided to do it today. This is the brand signed by Nicole Richie. She really rocks, I mean, she has a very elegant boho-chic style, which works a lot, so who better than herself to create a brand like this?
She also has a cloth collection, named Winter Kate, of course, I'll do a post about it as well, but today it's the House of Harlow 1960 time!
I bring you a selection of the best of her collections, but obviously, you can find much more!!


As u can see, you can find any style on the footwear collection. Stylish high heels, aztec sandals, cool wedges...


The same as before!! Several styles, I can't choose!

Love all her clutches, specially printed ones!!


Sunnies are amazing!! So original!! I'm a really lover of sunglasses, so imagine, for me this is a paradise!!


And, as most of u know, if there's another kind of accessory that I really really love, apart from sunglasses, are rings!! So imagine how drooling am I with all these accessories!! Look at the centre, my fav, no doubt. As you can see, in the jewelry collection is where we can see much more aztec inspiration. Love it!!

If u didn't know this brand, hope you liked it!! And if you did, I'm sure you enjoyed as well!!


ps: wish me luck for tomorrow!!! I'm going to need it!!


  1. i did NOT know this brand. i mean i may have heard of it, but i certainly hadn't seen any of it. it's all wonderful! :) <3 i adore every piece. i will send you an email in a couple days, because i know you are supposed to be studying. i'm sure you'll do well on your exam.

  2. Good luck with you exam!

    I love HoH so much (and Winter Kate too). I never would have thought that Nicole Richie would have had such a great line. I NEED so many of the pieces that you posted. Drool!


  3. Umm I need every piece of jewellery shown! If only I could win the lottery...
    Good luck with your exam tomorrow :) xo

  4. Good luck on your test, my dear:) And love your HOH picks. Those shoes...sigh...

  5. Love your blog!!! Check mine we could follow!!! xoxo from Rome


  6. now i NEED aztec inspired stuff :/ haha por qué me haces esto?? estoy antojada de todas las prendas que muestras en esas fotos, en especial el "cuff"!!!!!! <3


  7. i am simply loving everything. and good luck tomorrow!

  8. ohh I love the collection!!!! esp the sunglasses :D

  9. i love my house of harlow sunburst ring! i wear it all the time! cute post xoxo