Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What to wear: your boyf family!

This is a total inspiration post: my BF*FF&ever had an event for the first time with her boyfriend's family: to be exact, his mother's birthday.
After a total panic attack and that everything has worked perfect (what else is new with her?), I decided to do a post about those special events. I've thought that a good inspiration for this event, is Olivia Palermo. Well, in fact she or her boyf are a good inspiration for anyone!

These are just some examples, & as u can see, they look like a picture perfect couple.
Obviously, they're totally inspirational, and, I think you can wear any of her outfits for a dinner with your future family-in-law.
BUT (dear, everything in life has buts) you can also make a mistake, and it's not being u. I mean, of course, as a special ocassion, u need a special outfit, but at least, what you're going to do in your first meeting with his family, is introduce yourself. The point is that they know who you are, wteher they like it or not.
First of all, we need to think where is that meeting going to be: at his home, at a restaurant, at night...? Depending on that, we'll choose different outfits. Well, as a personal opinion (repeat, PERSONAL OPINION) the changes would not be as much in your outfit as in the accessories.

So, as a #1 rule: do not wear a costume, wear an own outfit. This can happen if u just think about "wanting them to see me perfectly" and suddenly you look like another person... no way.
#2 rule: your outfit has to be u, and must look as if you are wearing "the first thing you saw in your the closet" (althought you have spent hours and hours thinking...)

If it's a normal day, jeans are always ok, for any ocassion! Better option: dark color, a cute blouse and a ring!

Maybe on this second, without the bow belt for the short.. or yes.. I don't know. In this case, I'd choose just the blouse on navy to make it the focal point, but of course, you can change the bag color, or shoes.

On these two outfits I've chosen flats, we're talking about a normal day, & if on a normal day u are used to wearing high heels, then wear high heels!! Remember: always being you.
And for any special ocassion like adinner at a restaurant, what about something like these two?

Sequins are must have this season!!
But if you prefer something more classic, look at the next outfit:

(In the skirt, the zip is on the back)
For a much more classic outfit, you need to give it life with shoes and accessories.

And, as the #3 rule, remember always: you are with your boyf, not with his family, so don't drive yourself crazy, if they like u, good, if they don't like you that's even better, it will be more funny ;) (just joking)

Hope u enjoy this post, specially A, ❤ u.



  1. I LOVE those first 2 outfits! I have fallen foul to dressing for parents before and when I look back at the outfits they were awful. Much better now, when I just dress how I would normally...but maybe with a slightly longer skirt to risk showing too much :)

    Laura x

  2. loved these tips!!!! los mahones son para siempre ir a la segura, pero el outfit #2 me enamoró! :)


  3. Aaaaaaw...that's such a milestone for your friend:) Lovely tips, and I love how you picked Olivia as the inspiration.

  4. this is a great post! that is totally a situation to stress about and your options are right on.

  5. great advice maria! you know i like to steal things from all your collections, & incorporate them into one outfit, perfect for me. expect an email from me, a couple hours or so. :)

  6. Tú lo has dicho...si eres tú misma seguro que les encantas...cómo no iba a ser así???
    Pero todas las opciones son divinas...la primera y la ultima han sido mis preferidas!!!

  7. I like your blog.I follow you,and you follow me?