Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy & Scary Friday 13th!!!

Hi dear readers!!
First of all, wanna wish to all those fans of horror films (like me) a happy Friday 13th!!
This day is a good excuse to dust off your horror movies and see all of them!! Today I'm going to recommend u some of these films (althought I'm still waiting for that movie that really scares me).
But before, wanna share with u a very simple tip.
If you are a true lover of rings, I'm sure u see them in every store you go into, and not just stores, and sometimes, they are not of the best in quality. As time passes, or sometimes, when you wet them, you are surprised by them: they stain your fingers!!
Today with this post, we're going to fight against this problem. As I've said, I love rings, and I buy them if a like the design and the shape, not because of their quality, so I have had this problem many times.
Maybe most of you know this tip, but if u don't, pay attention!
We're going to do it with these two rings:

You only need a transparent nail polish.

{Ignore my nails}

Paint with the transparen nail polish the inside of the ring.
Let it dry &...

Go party!
{of course this is not a final solution, and u have to keep doing it often}
or better, as Friday 13th, go to the supermarket, buy popcorn, call your friends and make your living room a cinema! Some recommendations:

I must confess that not one of them has really scared me, but I love them anyway!
Enjoy this Friday 13th!!


  1. great ring tip maria! i have had my rings change color on me. i don't like scary movies. i scare way too easily.

  2. I love horror films too! That's a great watch them on Friday the's spookier....mwa ha ha!

  3. 13 lucky number for me...gret tip about the ring...have a great weekend