Saturday, January 21, 2012

Breaking rules! Snake & Leopard Print!

Rules were made to be broken, I'm sure, absolutely. So, let's app the same to fashion!
One of the most importante rules in fashion is:
# Do not mix prints.
Some posts ago, I told u how much I love mixing snake print and leopard print, it was because of the outfit that Jessica Alba was wearing, mixing leopard print, snake print and stripes!
I really really love this combo, in fact I wear it frequently. 
So let's see some combinations, of course they're just examples, and u can combine them in the way u prefer, remember what's the most important thing: Breaking the rules!

These examples are for those of you who don't feel sure about this combo at all. 
Here are some examples within my closet:
 {snake print jeans + leopard print scarf}
 {t-shirt with leopard print + snake print bag}
{snake print bag + leopard print jacket}

Of course  I don't always use them the same way as these pictures, I combine them in different ways, sometimes with leopard print leggings as well!!

Remember the rule #1 of the "Breaking Rules" Rules:
#1Break rules!

ps: i've joined on pinterest. For the moment I don't know how it's used, but well, if any of u are on pinterest too, let me know, and follow me please ;)


  1. sin ninguna duda.....EL MEJOR BLOG DEL MUNDO!!!!

  2. do you know the saying, "rules are meant to be broken?" i like all the ways you showed us specific examples: from the alba photo, to the collection of images, & with your closet. :)

  3. I agree wholeheartedly...down with the fashion rules!! :) Anyhoo, love that snake print jeans with the leopard pretty.

  4. great post! wonderful blog, lots of personalities in all of your posts :)