Friday, January 20, 2012

Gulp Gulp!

{Angelina's fish face}
Since I'm a pisces, I love everything about the sea! If I had to choose a favorite animal, I could not choose between dog, horse, leopard or dolphin.
Today I wanted to post something curious & original. At least, I'm always posting about very realistic things, some of them very predictable, so today I bring u some different things, all of them inspired on fishes!

{pisces necklace}

Don't forget to see one of my fav movies EVER



  1. soy piscis también!!!!! qué día cumples? yo el 11 de marzo :) yo también me siento atraida por cosas marinas, animal preferido: delfin / lugar favorito: playa / color favorito: azul turquesa

    me encantó este post!

    besitos y feliz fin de semana,

  2. OMG! Nemo is one of my fave movies too! And my hubby is a Pisces...Pisces rock:)
    BTW, those rain boots are from a store here in Canada called Browns, but I think you can get them in any stores that carry Michael Kors.
    Have a fab weekend, my dear...

  3. some of my favorite people are pieces! it's true. i quite like those boots, that belong on my feet. :)

  4. Lovely post!

    Shall we follow each other? I'm following you.


  5. I love anything from the sea as well. Especially those fish bone sandals. I had to pin those!


  6. Nice post! Your blog is very interesting!