Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Choose one... if you can! Sweatshirts

{Myself trying my new camera yayy}

What's up?? In my case, so tired from the trip of yesterday!!! And tis early morning had to go to class, I just need to rest!!!
Look at my bedroom, this is how it looks right now
A disaster!!
I hope to put everything in order today (cheated), so I need a very relaxing day!!
And what about relax?? We need veeeery comfortable clothes too! So what about sweatshirts?? Wanna show u two, my favs:

& here u have a closeup
Really love it!! This one is from Primark.
And the other one that i wanna show u, is very special to me cause it's a birthday gift from two of my friends :)

So let's see some more sweatshirts!! Can't choose!!!

& if you're so lucky to have a little one helping u, don't forget her or his sweatshirt too!

Hope u enjoy this post, and forgive me, I think you can realize how tired I am through this post.
ps: i'm sure you also realized how much i love gray color... :)



  1. the smurf with the smurfette is my favorite one! hope you get some rest. :)

  2. You can never go wrong with a sweatshirt for comfort:) And what camera is that? Can't wait to see the pics you take with it:)

  3. yours are so cute and look so comfy :) my fave from the above are the Bob Marley one and the last one<3

    i have one myself from American Eagle and i just love to put it on when i feel lazy!! they're so cozy!


  4. these are so cute! i used to be such a sweatshirt fan, but for some reason now can't stand anything like that that i can't unzip. i guess i'd rather be in a hoodie.

  5. D'oh! That was obviously you taking pics with your new camera! I'm such a dingbat! Enjoy the new DSLR. So Jealous:)