Thursday, January 12, 2012

What to wear: Shopping on sales!!

{My shopping. Price: 40€}

Hi guys!! Today was a shopping day!! Here in Spain (I don't know if in other countries too) there's a tradition, and it's: SALES! After Xmas time & after summer time, stores put all of their last collection with important discounts, 25%, 50% or even 75%!!
And, of course, people are going crazy, you can't imagine how busy is the first day of sales, it's impossible buy anything without spending 2 or 3 hours waiting for your turn at the cash register!
So, as always, I decided to wait for a few days, and finally today I went to a big mall, and in the up picture, u can see what I've bought. Love everything!!, and the best thing is the price: just 40€
If you are thinking of shopping and are lucky enough to be in Spain, not doubt, it's worth it!! I mean, I don't usually get excited about this time, u know: 5€ less or something like that, but this year there are some very good discounts.
For a crazy day at shopping sales, remember the one & only rule:
#1&only: wear a comfortable outfit.
I've did 3 outfits, hope u like them!!
Everyone has jeans, converse & a cute shirt. This is a good option.
I'm a brown & beige combo lover!! And, I'm sure u can see something on this outfit that really makes my heart race: BINGO!!! Leopard print ;)
Remember the aztec trends post? I wanted to do an example inspired in that. Can't live without those shorts!!!

Hope you take advantage of all these discounts and buy cute things!! Of course, I wanna see them!!! Can't wait to see your shopping ;)



  1. Man, I do love a good sale. I was so tired after break and now school has started already so no shopping for me. But glad that you were able to buy lots of things ;)

    Hope you had a great new year my dear!

  2. UUU,,,shopping is always an experience ...and if you mention the word sales even more...

  3. i like the jeans outfit, & the cute aztec print on the shorts. i'll probably be sending you an email tomorrow.

  4. wow, i remember when i went to Spain BEFORE x-mas last November and everything has such good prices! can't imagine the discounts right now!!! would love to be there :/ about the outfits, i would go for #2 :)

    feliz fin de semana!

  5. i'm on a shopping hiatus, but so wish i was taking advantage of the sales! love your looks!

  6. Hellooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuu
    Me encanta el loock londinense
    Un besito muy grande guapa y que tengas buen fin de semana