Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let's Decorate!! Before & After



Everyone (at least, if your a student!) has a cork board at home. 
You have two options: you can have a typical cork board (wooden frame, papers, papers and papers)
or you can have a completely inventive, original cork board! That's what I wanted with mine, and I think I got it!!! I mean, I don't think there's another cork board like mine, anywhere in the world. To make it, I used myself as inspiration, and here's the result!
Let's turn your bored cork board in a cheerful and only cork board! Here are some tips to make your very own cork board! What d'u need??
A cork board (obviously), and all the special things that appeal to you!
{in my case, memorabilia: pictures, tickets, stuff that i such as maps, stickers...}

I wanna share with u a detail from my cork board on this close up:

All of u know my love for maps (in fact, I did a post about it), so in my cork board, there's a map where I put points in every city I visit.

Other sources of inspiration to decorate your cork board, are magazines

Sometimes you can find beautiful letters and cute quotes like this one:



  1. i don't have a cork board, but i have things i tape or staple to wall, a magnet board, & a fridge full of magnets. :)

  2. My one has a frame of photos then the boring stuff's in the middle. I love my noticeboard!

  3. cork boards are so great for posting inspirational photos and quotes! :) hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration.xo

  4. Love your cork board! Mine is a simple, boring one, so I like yours much more:) Having that map on there is such a great image and inspiration as well!

  5. Great idea! I liked the result :)

  6. I am 35 and I still keep a cork board. I love yours. I never try to make mine pretty, just functional.