Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A trip in pictures

This is my & my BFF {❤E} trip through all these days in pictures.
Truth is that if we had to make a summary, it would be on 4 words:
Shopping, Eating, Partying & Pitbull.
I'm a total "a picture is worth a thousand of words" believer, so here u have our rearview of these SEPP days.

{This is ❤E's arrival to Madrid, with those cookies from Top Secret Post. yayy!}

{our obssession with discos' mirros}

 {we're not dancing flamenco, look at ❤E's hand, you will understand!}


{i¡m sure Madrid's stores are going to miss ❤E as much as me, especially Primark...}

 {Chicken pot pie dedicated to ❤E. One of the recipes we were cooking. Yummy!!!}
{On a dinner with ❤E & another good friend of mine, ❤M. ❤her. This dinner was because a friend of us (Maria & me) goes to Milano for 6 months. We'll miss u ❤P!!!!!} So sad because of that...

And now... it's Pitbull concert time!!!

{our shirts made by ourselves for the concert}
{people can't wait to see Pitbull!!!}
{awww he's so sexy!!! we were so close to him!!}

Here you have a very fun video: Pasito de Merengue!

And the las one, was the end :(

Actaully I have so many pictures that I could upload until tomorrow, but at least, I think this is a good summary!

Hope u see on pitcures how much we enjoyed!

ps: I've ended all my exams up, with good results! That means holidays until on Monday, and I'm going to go to my hometown. Guess what does that mean?? Yeahhh I'm going to see my baby!!!! Awwwww❤


  1. ¡I like it so much!

  2. u look gorgeous in every photo! i can see you had an absolute blast. have fun with your nephew. :)

  3. Looks like you guys had a fun time:) I heart check pot pie:)


  4. You and your friends look soooooo fab, my dear! And Pitbull...omg! Everyone must've gone crazy when he did "Give Me Everything!"

  5. awwwwwwwww i think this is the first time i see you in photos, you are so so so PRETTY!!

    me encantan los bff moments<3 bellas fotos!

    un besito,

  6. Que lindas fotos. Se notan que la pasaron bien!