Monday, January 23, 2012

Before & After! photo frame!

{sorry for the cell phones pics... all I had in that moment}
How can you turn a boring photo frame as in the first picture, into a totally rock & cute photo frame like this one?

What do you need?

Well, here's the necessary materials:

A photo frame (obviously)
A photo

The rest of the materials, are optional: stickers, papers, scrap paper, threads, letters, loops, magazines... WHATEVER YOU WANT.

First of all, I suggest you cover the frame, because if you mess it up or do not like the result, simply remove the paper and you won't spoil the frame. But, of course, you also can paint it.
In my case, I covered the frame with a page of a magazine (truthfully). I used a Chanel advertisement, to be exact.
This is how it looked:

Once you have your covered frame, then you can start decorating!

I suggest you do not stick anything down until you've tried all the possibilities, that way you can choose what's the best!

And... voi-là! This is my photo frame for my baby:

The best thing about doing your own, is that there's not other photo frame like this one!

Hope see your own photo frames guys!! It's worth a try!



  1. wow! sos muy copada!
    No cualquiera hace algo tan lindo!

  2. almost crying right now.. too cute!!!!!!! por qué nunca lo he intentado?

    siempre gasto mucho dinero en viajes para comprar marcos que tengan el nombre de la ciudad, si puedo hacerlos yo misma!!

    gracias por la idea, debo poner más en práctica mi creatividad..


  3. That's so creative! Great job on that frame:)