Friday, January 6, 2012

Hey What's up??

Today, I want u to introduce u one of the most important members of my family, my other baby:

He's Duque & is totally a part of me. 
Actually I'm a real dog-lover. Can't understand people who aren't.

Love him, & can't believe that I didn't talk to u about him b4 (L)

Are u a dog lover too?? Check all these accessories!

As I said, I'm a real real dog-lover, and also, I'm a realy hot dog lover!

ps: Feliz día de Reyes!!


  1. Your little Duque is adorable! We used to have two dogs (but passed away), and missed having them.

  2. you're so pretty maria, & so is your dog, Duque! i love other people's dogs. that means i don't want the responsibility of a pet. hot dogs make me gag. :P maybe change your phrase "Can't understand who don't," to "Can't understand who aren't." only one word. that's all. :)