Saturday, January 14, 2012

The same for less!

I wanted to do a "The same for less!" post a few days ago, but to do this kind of posts, I need a lot of time, cause I have to surf on the internet for hours to find the best for u!
As I think you enjoyed my last "The same for less!" post, here u have the next ;)

And you can't start with another thing that... sequins!
This Alice + Olivia top is amazing!! Price: 395$
I know it, it's too much money! But don't worry, look at what I've found:

Zara: 30$

I fell in love with this  shell clutch from Lanvin
Lanvin: 1280$

Asos: 46$

And today, as an example of inspiration, I've chosen this Jessica Alba's outfit:

Why? Because I love when people break rules on their outfits, I mean, they're meant to be broken, and a classical rule is:
#Do not mix prints and stripes
Applause for her!! She's mixing two prints (snake & leopard) plus stripes, and she looks perfect!!
I use ut mix snake and leopard too, so I l'm glad to see like she does it!

Leopard Scarf: Who Sale Dress 3.50$
Sunnies: 95Eyewear 47$

Enjoy your Saturday!!



  1. LOVE getting the same thing for less. Hitting Zara this week

  2. this was such a fun post! i like it. i also like how you created a very similar to look to jessica alba's. i've been noticing that lately, people have been mixing polka dots & stripes, & it looks good. :)