Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dying for... Anthropologie Necklaces!

{First of all, as I said u yesterday, from today until next Monday, a very good friend of mine, plus my sister, plus a friend of her, are here at my home, so excuse me if these days I don't response all your comments, I promise I'll do it when they leave}
I'm sure most of u know that very only style u can find on anthropologie, I'm real in love with all their stuff, especially accessories!! 
Today I bring u a selection of necklaces u can find on their web.
They're so original!!

Choose one... if u can!


  1. they're all tribal fantastic! i'd have to see what they looked like on me before i could decide. hope you're having a marvelous time with your friend. :)

  2. Love Anthropologie too:) That third necklace is my fave.