Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes

Just one word: Dissappointment.
Well, I don't know why, that was the expected, the unexpected would be: wow!! What a great red carpet!!
The guests at the ceremony looked like they did not spend anytime thinking about what to wear, I'm not going to write, and write and write. Just a little description about the best, the worst and "the same every year".

Let's start with: THE WORST!
Maybe some of them are not the worst of the red carpet, but I felt really disappointed with some of them!

Is she wearing Elie Saab?!!?!? Really?? WTF?!!

Debra Messing in a horrible dress that's not her size!.

Can't believe that a such a pretty girl as Freida Pinto, with that fancy face, had worn such a sad dress :(

Why Natalie? It looks like she's riding a horse...

Deschanel sisters. Mmm maybe they are playing a prank...

 When I saw her, I was not sure if this was the main character of Titanic or that aunt who always pulls your cheeks...

Michelle Williams. Golden Globes or tea party with my elderly friends in beverly Hills?? Can't choose! Both of them!! WRONG

Too much washing for Sarah Michelle Gellar??

I miss the Reese Witherspoon who wore beautiful Nina Ricci dresses!

And THE WORST: Lea Michele, I mean... just look at this "how to destroy a Marchesa dress Chapter I". She hurts my view. The worst is that she really thinks she's pretty, or sexy or, whatever she thinks...

Poor girl... No comments.

Here we go with: "the same every year"

Beautiful as every year!! Amazing dress!! Kate Beckinsale never dissapoints me, but... maybe repetive?

Charlize was wearing perfect make up and hair, very angelic face!! But the dress is not her best.

And now... let's go with the best on the red carpet!!!
First of all, Beauties. Beauties are those people who doesn't matter what they wear, they're so pretty that anybody would look at their dress!! This time:

Jessica Alba. Beautiful!!! And her dress was beautiful too, and very elegant as well.

And Angelina Jolie!! OMF*G!! Ok, her dress was not her best, that's clear, but, with that face, d'u want anything else?? Are u sure??
What a perfection of person, mother, actress, celebrity...

And, at the end, I have come to the conclusion that my fave is.. Nicole Richie!

The dress on the front side was not beautiful at all, BUT, her hair was perfect (want that hairstyle for me!!!), and the make up was unsurpassable. The back of the dress is awesome and her accessories are perfect!!!

What about u?? Want to know your opinions!! Every one of them!!!



  1. is always a disappointment, isn't it? Cray cray. Rickey Gervais was soooo blah, and the whole thing is always sooo long. I think the only thing I really liked was Tilda Swinton's look, and Meryl Streep winning (which is not really a surprise. I don't know why she looked so shocked!)

  2. based on your photos, because i didn't watch it, the 1st girl looks like she's a bride. the deschanel sisters look like they are playing the ugly stepsisters in cinderella, & we know they are prettier than that. why does reese look like vampy, campy, & sorta trampy? lea michele looks pretty in the close up photo. nicole richie looks like gorgeous sharon tate in the movie, "valley of the dolls."

  3. for me the worst were Sarah Michelle Gellar with a white dress covered with blue painting and Madonna!!!! ew. totally agree with you about Jessica Alba :) i made a review today on my blog!!!!

    un besito,

  4. i have to agree with you. for the most part, i was disappointed. what was lea michele wearing! and kate beckinsale is always beautiful, but she it's always in the same vien on the red carpet. but i actually said "wow" when i saw angelina jolie.