Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let's Decorate! Trend home

Of course, I know Xmas is over.
But the point is not the tree, the point is the ornaments, actually, that antiquing mirror effect.
In fact, some days ago I was going for a walk with my baby when we saw this on a store:

Obviously, the trend is to look like mercury, and we want it in our home too!! So check  out all these ideas, and if you like any of them, it's not necessary to search and never find exactly what we're looking for.Instead look for the glass, metal, or plastic bottel shape you want to recreate. So if you find something with the perfect shape, then you van create the effect with paint. Don't worry, you just need Krylon Mirror Glass Spray Paint and you'll transform any of your old glass jars into a perfect mercury looking jar or whatever!

Even for Halloween!

Love all these ideas!! What d'u think?



  1. very elegant looking! i'm sending you an email. :)

  2. I like mercury glass...My friend gave me a gift for chritsmas ...look veryyy nice

  3. Soooo cool. Great images to inspire the home decor:)