Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy bday Anita!!! ❤ U

Today, I had to do a very special post, cause today is a very special day in the life of a person who's very special to me, so, it's a very special day to me.
It's my lil sister's bday, and I feel so sad to be so far away!!
One of the best feelings you can have, is feeling that there's a person who's gonna be there. Always.
In days like today, I have so many memories!! & can't believe time goes so fast!!
{A nice kiss & a picture with my bike, as every Sunday, with ours grandparents}

{My sis & me, seriously!!, and my sis & me laughing}
{Me (winking) & my sis on the balcony and me & my sis in Alcampo)
{Me, my lil sister & our grandparents. Look at my grandad please, so handsome!! I'm so in love with him!!}

Want u little again!!! But I know that's imposible, I feel so thankful to have the sister (sisters) I have and have the relationship I have with her (them)!!
She's one of the most important people in my life
{Make up time}
{A few days ago in front of La Posada}
Luv ya!!
{Nice kiss from my lil sister}
{Last year, she's so pretty, I know it, so proud :)}
❤ u so much!!
{Go, go Spain!!!!! And Spain went!}
{Me, my older sister and my little sister. ❤ them}
Here we are the three, as from I can remember, but know, we're four

{Picture with our baby}

Miss u so much!!!!

My best wishes in a so special day for u!! And hope that all that special things you're going to live, I'll be next to u!!!



  1. aww happy birthday to your little sis! such sweet photos. does everyone think you look alike? :)

  2. Happy bday to your little sis. How adorable are you guys! :)

  3. Such a sweet post! Beautiful pictures and I can feel through the Internet how much you love her :)

  4. Love those pictures. You are so adorable! Hope she has an amazing birthday!

    Laura x