Monday, January 30, 2012

SAG Awards

Today, I was thinking about to do a post about all these days with my BFF (❤E)  which were amazing! BUT, I think I'll do it tomorrow, cause yesterday, the SAG Awards ceremony was celebrated, and if I don't talk to u about this event today, tomorrow is over.
So, in this ocassion, the red carpet was much better than in Golden Globes , so this time i'm not going to talk about the worst (there were, of course), today it's just about the best!!

Love the hairstyle & make up. The dress was beautiful, but I don't like it for this ceremony.

Ashlee Simpson. She was stunning!!

Natali Portman. Love the dress. It's so Nat!!

And the very best...

How can she looks so fuc***g perfect?!?!!?

That face is flawless, perfect, beautiful... I'm short on words. Love her earrings!!

On the front, the dress is perfect, on the back, is flawless.

She's so natural on the red carpet!


& who was your favorite??



  1. El vestido rojo de la primera imagen es INFARTANTE! quien es? de quien es?

  2. I didn't get the chance to see this at all, but I gotta agree with you. Angelina looked sooooooo good! How does she do it indeed, I don't know. And that last picture with super cool Tilda...I die!!

  3. i think you have a girl crush on angelina! my fave here is ashlee simpson. even though she got busted for lip synching, her music is still fun. once in awhile it's fun to la, la, la, la, la...

  4. i also thought the red carpet was much better for this event with just a few exceptions.