Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Top Secret!! ❤

My BFF E (❤u) is just for coming from my home town, in a couple of hours!
& i'm going to the airport to pick up her. I'm sure she's going to arribe so hungry, that I decided to make her a special welcome, and made by me. I mean, I could go to McDonald's and take away a Happy Meal, which is an option, but I wanted to make it with love, so I decided to baker!
Very easy cookies that I'm sure will make her smile!
The recipe I used was the easiest you can find!


An egg

In a bowl, put four spoonfuls of butter and five spoonfuls of sugar. Mix them until it becomes a compact mass. 

Then, add the beaten egg (with a pinch of salt) {here you can also add vanilla stract. I hadn't it}
And finally, ten spoonfuls of flour.
Now you have the cookie dough, simply knead it and make the cookies with the shape you prefer!

 {make sure your kitchen looks like on picture. that means you're doing it right}

Baker them 5 or 10 minutes and...
That's all!
Now put them into a cute box and give it to somebody, it is always good to steal a smile from someone.

ps: As I've told u, my friend is form coming, which means that all these days I'll be sharing my life with her. I have prepared some posts, and the blog will upload by itself (wowww!!), so excuse me if I don't answer all your comments! Be sure I'll do it every time I can!
pps: on friday, we're going to.. PITBULL CONCERT!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! I'll tell you as fast as I can!!
ppps: she's also going to spend the day of her bday here, and i'm making her a very fun box, i'll show it u also in a few days ;)



  1. Have fun at the concert! You're friend is lucky!

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  2. that sounds like a very easy recipe. have a wonderful time with your best friend! :)

  3. Aaaaw...have fun, guys:) How sweet is that you made her cookies!

  4. Que lindas quedaron! Que amable como la recibiste! :)

  5. aaah you are such a good friend<3 have fun!!! where is she coming from?


  6. what a great way to welcome someone! have so much fun with your friend!